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Town Investment Plan

We are preparing a Town Investment Plan for Bishop Auckland.

This will contain a number of the projects to be delivered through the Government’s Stronger Towns Fund and which are designed to help to drive economic growth in the town.

These projects include physical interventions, such as improved transport connections, new leisure and tourist attractions, and environmental improvements. They also include investment in skills and training, as well as funding to support businesses across the Stronger Towns area.

A decision is needed on which of these projects are most important or will deliver the most benefits for Bishop Auckland and should be included within the Town Investment Plan. In order to help make that final decision on which projects are to be included we want to know what your views are, using a short survey in the Have your say section. The views provided as part of this survey will be taken into account as part of our appraisal of the projects alongside a range of other considerations.

The proposed projects are located across the whole of the Stronger Towns area as shown on the maps below. Brief details about each project can be found by clicking on the project images.

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  • Project 1Infrastructure supporting Bishop Auckland as World Heritage Destination (Zone 1)
  • Project 2A + 2BTown Centre Diversification - Market Place & Newgate Street (Zone 2)
  • Project 3Durham Dales Gateway
  • Project 4Enterprise and SME support - South Church Enterprise Park - new enterprise
  • Project 5Skills and Training Hub
  • Project 6Heritage Transport Museum
  • Project 7Bishop Auckland digital - 5G enabled town
  • Project 8Heritage Walking and Cycling Routes
  • Project 9Tindale triangle infrastructure

Town Projects